Local Partners: Truecore Fitness

Local Partners: Truecore Fitness

November 7, 2022

Needing a new gym in Temple, TX? We love sending our patients to Truecore Fitness for the wide variety of classes and offerings following an injury.
When physical therapy patients are recovering from an injury and want to regain their fitness, it’s essential that they find a great fit in a local gym that’s going to meet their needs while also collaborating with the individual to safely and productively meet their goals. With so many gym options available, it can be difficult to find what truly works for a recovering individual.

Truecore Fitness: Now in Temple & Georgetown

Often I recommend our partner, Truecore Fitness to my physical therapy patients in the Temple/Belton area. As my physical therapy practice is located in Temple, TX, I have been fortunate to partner with some great local gyms that I trust and know my patients will be in great hands. I sat down with a few of Trucore’s amazing team members to learn more about what they offer and how they set their members up for success.

If you’re currently in pain, but want to exercise at a gym like Truecore Fitness, it’s highly recommended to consult with a Physical Therapist to learn what is safe for you to do. Click the link below to sign up for our Free Consultation!

With a location in Georgetown and a new Temple, TX location (since 2020), Truecore has continued to expand its space and services, ready to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle while focusing on overall wellness.

Fitness Classes: Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, & More!

Amongst a collection of classes, members can take part in Barre, Spin, Pilates, and Yoga (and more). Each class is kept small so that individuals can get the attention they need from their experienced trainers.

Those who are recovering from injury really benefit from this system because they are able to collaborate with the professionals at Truecore to modify each workout and ensure they are getting the best results without overextending or potentially regressing back into their injury.

Quick note: If you’re recovering from an injury, it’s highly recommended that you first discuss what’s best for you and your situation with a Physical Therapist.

Overall Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after an injury is more than just staying active. Truecore offers incredible resources to support its members in their overall wellness and healing journey.

In addition to classes, you can join a 4-week program called Truecore Reset. This program is offered 3 times a year. It consists of daily coaching, meal plans, recipes, and customized shopping lists to reset your diet. The goal is to rekindle a positive relationship with natural, whole foods to aid you in your fitness goals.

You can also take advantage of the in-house childcare, full-service women’s and men’s locker rooms, sauna, on-site showers, and wine bar. And for your convenience, download the Truecore App to easily plan and schedule your classes.


It’s evident that fostering an encouraging and safe environment is one of Truecore’s top priorities. This gym is ideal for those who desire a positive, judgment-free space to work toward a common goal. All ages and experience levels are welcome! Truecore is dedicated to connecting with anyone who seeks support in living a healthy lifestyle.

Take it from one of their satisfied members!

“Great atmosphere and even better results. The vibe is cool and relaxed… there’s an oversized couch, tables to sit at, wine selection, and I think coffee too. I come for the Pilates which was new to me until pretty recently. The instructors lookout for newbies and are attentive. In the short time I’ve been coming I’ve seen (and my family has seen) noticeable results. I’ve heard great things about the other classes (spin, yoga, HIIT). Something for everyone here.”

The doors are always open to the local community through fun and engaging events. Whether it’s hosting local vendors or a fun wine night, this close-knit community loves to make it easy to connect and get plugged in. (Don’t forget to stay updated on upcoming events that are hosted on-site!) Fun fact: You can even host your own event with your friends, family, or corporate team.

Enhance Your Physical Therapy with Truecore Fitness

So, if you’re in the Temple area, you can trust that there is a place for you in the Truecore community. If you’d like to partner with Truecore to regain your fitness:

  • Visit your closest location (Temple, TX: 10148 W ADAMS, 76502) for a tour of the facility. Open every day of the week (hours vary), Typical Hours: 8am-3pm and 4pm-8pm
  • Connect or schedule online at https://truecoretx.com/ 
  • or Call 254-931-1281 for more information

If you’re currently experiencing any pain that is preventing you from achieving your fitness goals, let’s talk. I would love to discuss how we can start your recovery journey and get you back on track. Schedule your complimentary consultation today with Gardner Sports Physical Therapy.

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