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If you feel like you haven’t been able to find the help or answers you need for your injury, you can request a FREE consultation to figure out what is causing your issues. The beauty of this FREE consultation is that you get the choice to speak with our staff in person, over the phone, or through an online video conference. Additionally, you do not need a referral from another Healthcare provider, authorization from your insurance company, or extra paperwork. Just simply fill out the form below and get access to a FREE consultation to start your journey towards injury recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, and/or performance enhancement.

Knowledge is power and getting answers to your concerns can make a huge difference in your health journey. Remember, this call is completely free of charge with no commitments or obligations on your part. If it is easier for you, please text 512-763-0526 directly and we can set up a FREE consultation directly.

Please note that the information you share with us will always remain private and confidential to the highest of standards

Your issues can be helped with the techniques and information provided by Gardner Sports Physical Therapy, even if you have not had success in finding solutions in your past. By filling out the form above, you are quickly on your way to getting answers and setting up solutions to address your issues.

After we review your information, you will speak with an expert Physical Therapist/Nutrition Coach to discuss your issues over the phone and determine the best steps to address your issues and help you achieve the goals/tasks that give you purpose. If you want to take action now, call or text 512-763-0526 to start moving forward to address your concerns.

Given the popularity of this service, we can only offer a limited amount of appointments for free consultations during the week. So if you’re in frustrated with your pain, weight management, or performance issues and want to learn what’s causing your limitations, fill out the form above ASAP to start your journey.

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